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Qingdao TENT Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Jiaozhou Bay, which was first established in 2002. Mainly in the research and development, design, production, manufacturing and sales of mechanical equipment. From the beginning of the family workshop development to today's large-scale group operation, products from the initial single development to today's large-scale, systematic, scientific and technological, the company concentrated its strengths to stabilize, develop and improve three product modules: "plastic machinery, food machinery, environmental protection machinery".

Qingdao Tent adapts to the development of global machinery industry and provides high quality and low price products for the majority of new and old customers. With high-end technical personnel and high-quality working team, Trent can provide customers with perfect after-sales service in a timely manner; and consistently takes new products and new processes as the first research and development task, and carries out extensive exchanges and cooperation with the world's universities, experts and high-quality customers, so that the products are constantly innovated and improved, and has obtained a number of national patents 。

2013 year
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Our Strengths

Committed to create efficient environmental protection and saving plastic machinery, greatly improve the production efficiency of your products, reduce production costs, and improve the market competitiveness of your enterprise

12 years of experience in plastic machinery industry
Focus on plastic machinery research and development and production, for many enterprises to provide products and services
Industry quality plastic machinery and equipment
Industry high-quality plastic machinery and equipment, according to the needs of different industries to develop, improve, throughout all walks of life
With senior technical personnel in the industry
Senior plastic mechanical engineer with rich experience, providing all-round technical support from design, production and after-sales
Complete technical solutions
Provide comprehensive technical solutions and training to help you produce plastic products efficiently and stably
Efficient, fast and timely delivery
Experienced production team and standard production process, on time delivery within the agreed delivery time
Perfect service system
Provide perfect pre-sale, in-sales, after-sales service, efficient after-sales team timely response to consultation, quickly solve problems
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